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Globe Test Equipment b.v.

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2408 AD Alphen aan den Rijn


Tel +31 (0) 172 426608

Fax   +31 (0)172 426607

E-Mail: s.dekker@globe-benelux.nl or h.reisig@globe-benelux.nl

Contact: Sebastiaan dekker or Hans Reisig


As part of the HiP Group since January 2014, SHS has access to an extensive network of HiP's distributors. SHS is in discussion with these distributors and many of them will be added as distributors of SHS products in the near future. In the meantime, if you need technical sales support or help, please contact us in the UK.

Bolt-tensioning Power Packs

Air-driven Hydro-test Power Packs

Bespoke Pressure Equipment

Gas Boosters

HiP Valves

SC Pumps

DK Lok

Accessories and Chart Recorders

Pressure Testing Facility

On-site service & support


On-site Service & Support