ATEX Husky Transfer Skids

Husky Skids

A selection of 1" & 2" ATEX Husky Transfer Pump Skids designed, manufactured by SHS and delivered in December 2016.

These pumps are primarily fluid transfer units that move fluid from one place to another.

The standard ATEX units are built into stainless steel frames complete with ATEX rated air controls. These pumps can be customised per customer's needs.

There are many different materials and sizes avaliable in the Husky range (Husky Pumps).

SHS can mount any of these pumps in various types of frame. built to meet the individual needs of each customer.

The maximum pressure rating on these units is 100psi - working on a 1:1 ratio of pressure to air drive. These pumps offer a wide range of flow ( 7GPM upto 280GPM ) and material construction dependent upon the selected model of the pump.

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