Chlorine Line Test Units

These 10 units have been supplied to a large water utilities company and are capable of an inlet pressure of 50Bar (725psi) and an outlet pressure of 0-17Bar (0-250psi). These units are connected to chlorine lines in water treatment works to test the pipework above working pressure to ensure the system is sound with no leaks.

By simply changing the regulator model to a different outlet pressure and changing the gauge range to suit, the units then have the capabilities of outlet pressures up to 240bar (3,500psi). This type of unit could be used to test any type of system/pipework/component with nitrogen. These are designed connected to a standard BOC ‘Genie’ Nitrogen bottle which supplies the nitrogen pressure to test. The ‘Genie’ bottles are relatively small and therefore portable making this system suitable for testing in remote locations where either a Nitrogen supply is not available or a compressed air supply is not available to drive a gas booster.

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