SHS supplies a wide range of accessories to meet customers' needs.

Stiko Chart Recorders

Chart Recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of pressure and temperature or a combination of those( up to 3 pens).

Stiko’s chart recorder range comprises:

  • 6” chart (stainless steel)
  • 9" chart (stainless steel or Pelicase) – ATEX certified
  • 12” chart (stainless steel or Pelicase)

They are widely used in gas transmission and distribution fields requiring accurate calibration and recording. Many Stiko customers rent these units out due to its reliability and performance and due to the fact that the measuring systems are interchangeable.

This modular system feature offers the opportunity to enable customers to have every range available.

Pressure Gauges

SHS uses a variety of different manufacturers of pressure gauges, depending on customers’ specifications or requirements. For example, our regular supplier of pressure gauges is Stewart-Buchanan

Gauge Calibration Service

We calibrate gauges, up to 60,000 psi, and traceable to NPL Standards. We will calibrate gauges whether or not we originally supplied them.

Equipment hire

  • Hire of Air Driven liquid service power packs and nitrogen gas booster packs for pressure testing.
  • Hire of tooling required to cone and thread 1/4" up to 9/16" od tubing range.

Other products and services

  • Gauge Calibration Service to 60,000 psi traceable to NPL Standards.
  • Special base mounting kits with or without pressure gauge to suit the Enerpac P228 very high pressure hand pump.
  • Provision of special adaptors manufactured by SHS converting most size NPT or BSP connections to medium or high pressure ports.
  • Ex-Stock delivery of certain CEJN high pressure 116 and 125 quick connect couplings to 29,500psi.

Bolt-tensioning Power Packs

Air-driven Hydro-test Power Packs

Bespoke Pressure Equipment

Gas Boosters

HiP Valves

SC Pumps

DK Lok

Accessories and Chart Recorders

Pressure Testing Facility

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On-site Service & Support