Bespoke Pressure Equipment

We provide engineering solutions to customers’ specific requirements. Our skilled engineering team can work with you all the way from conceptual design through manufacture, on-site installation and commissioning. Backed by the extensive capabilities of High Pressure Equipment and SC Pumps, we can develop a range of high pressure systems for applications such as pressure testing or actuation of valves and blow-out preventers.

There is an option to have all of these products ATEX-approved

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Hydraulic Power Consoles

  • 8-Valve Hydraulic Console providing power via integral SC air operated hydraulic pumps to 3000psi to operate double acting hydraulic valves. Supplied with backup accumulators and fluid reservoir
  • Similar style of Console for operating 3 valves with an ESD pneumatic interface.

Special/Custom Test Rigs

  • Trailer mounted Chemical Injection, Pressure Test, Grease Injection and Hydraulic Valve Control Unit. Complete with on-board diesel driven compressor. For desert operation with dust protection tarpaulin included.
  • Safety Relief Valve Test Console with integral Nitrogen Gas Booster Pump and selection of high accuracy Test gauges.
  • Industrial Console for Valve Operation , (open shot) hydraulic power provided by 2- SC Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps.
  • Single Outlet Hose Test Rig to 10,000 psi hydrostatic pressure with an air test facility up to 500psi using a 5/1 air booster, boosting from an inlet compressed air supply of 120 psi . Features a stainless steel proof test cabinet with Lexan safety glass viewing window.

Custom Power Units

  • Typical variants include trolley-mounted units, ESD Power Units with manualoverride
  • On-board pressure recorders and USB-connectable transducers are available
  • Units may be wall-mounted
  • Safety interlocks are available
  • Various configurations can be supplied, using a wide range of different instruments, pump types (e.g. dual pumps)
  • Option to have the product ATEX-approved

Chemical Injection

  • SHS Methanol / Glycol Chemical Injection Unit to 12,000psi. Maximum volume 85 to 105 US gallons per day. Optional slow speed control to enable one stroke every 5 minutes. Heavy duty skid, integral stainless steel reservoir with sight level/rate adjustment.
  • SHS Methanol / Glycol Chemical Injection Unit to 25,000psi with SC air operated pumps, integral reservoir, flow meter and controls.

Test Manifolds

  • Typical testing operation using an SHS Power Unit, test manifold, valves, fittings and hoses.
  • Test Manifold with stainless steel ?A? support frame for safe working height, available in two standard ranges, 10,000psi and 30,000psi. Includes thermowell port as standard and can also be supplied complete with needle valves and optional outlets.
  • Other special test manifold arrangements can be designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.


For operation in remote or harsh field environments, we can offer a range of trailer mounted air driven test equipment, offering the capability of pressure testing equipment in remote locations where there is no local air supply.

The typical trailer unit will comprise: a diesel driven air compressor, air driven pump unit, fluid reservoir/barrel containment, pressure recording and operating controls, all assembled and mounted on to a robust, heavy duty trailer with pneumatic tyres.

Options include: air-driven pump/gas booster combinations, off road tyres, sand & dust filtration and protection, spark arrestor feature, Petrol or Diesel options.



ESD units are designed to control surface or subsurface hydraulically operated flowline valves in well testing or production applications. They are used to either manually or remotely close a valve in response to a pipe leak or break, malfunction or other similar emergency. The unit can be used to operate two or more remote ESD control stations.


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