Special/Custom Test Rigs

  • Trailer mounted Chemical Injection, Pressure Test, Grease Injection and Hydraulic Valve Control Unit. Complete with on-board diesel driven compressor. For desert operation with dust protection tarpaulin included.
  • Safety Relief Valve Test Console with integral Nitrogen Gas Booster Pump and selection of high accuracy Test gauges
  • Industrial Console for Valve Operation , (open shot) hydraulic power provided by 2- SC Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps"
  • Single Outlet Hose Test Rig to 10,000 psi hydrostatic pressure with an air test facility up to 500psi using a 5/1 air booster , boosting from an inlet compressed air supply of 120 psi . Features a stainless steel proof test cabinet with Lexan safety glass viewing window.

Bolt-tensioning Power Packs

Air-driven Hydro-test Power Packs

Bespoke Pressure Equipment

Gas Boosters

HiP Valves

SC Pumps

DK Lok

Accessories and Chart Recorders

Pressure Testing Facility

On-site service & support


On-site Service & Support