Portable Hydraulic Power Pack - Compact Series


SHS air operated power packs are compact and robust self contained units designed to meet the needs of today's offshore oil and gas industry where reliable sources of hydraulic power are required.

The Compact Series power pack is unique in that it can incorporate any of the proven SC air driven pumps.

Each pack contains the pump complete with air filter, regulator, lubricator, air gauge, on/off valve, hydraulic pressure gauge and gauge protective cover, outlet pressure connection block, release valve and interconnecting pipework. The equipment is mounted inside a robust steel painted framework together with a 8.5 litre fluid tank having filler breather and strainer. Each unit is factory pressure tested prior to despatch.

Standard power packs are designed for plain water or oil duty. Typical applications include hydrostatic testing, operation of hydraulic valve actuators, clamping and tensioning tools.

Optional Extras
Various optional extras can be built in:

  • Pressure isolation valve
  • Circular chart pressure recorder
  • Auxiliary pressure port
  • Stroke counter with readout
  • Stainless steel framework

For optional pump materials eg. Viton pump seals or special pump models; contact our factory with details of your requirements.


  • Houses any one of the SC Series pumps
  • 10-4 Series
  • 10-5 & D Series (Dry)
  • 10-6 & D Series (Dry)
  • Pressure up to 65,000 psi
  • (4,483 bar)
  • Flow rates up to 14 gpm (63.5 lpm) on lowest pressure model.
  • Overall Dimensions
  • 15" (38cm) long x
  • 15 1/2" (39.4cm) deep x
  • 17 1/4" (44cm) high.

Approximate weight

  • 10-4 Series - 35 lbs (16kg)
  • 10-5 / D Series - 43 lbs (19 1/2kg)
  • 10-6 / D Series - 51 lbs (23kg)

When ordering just specify the SC pump model required in the pack.
Option for ATEX-approved version

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