Gas Boosters

The SHS range of gas boosters are supplied as individual pumps, as a complete self contained pack or in a custom made system designed by SHS to meet customers specification.

The control is by simple air regulation and the ability to stall at any predetermined pressure and hold pressure without consuming power or generating heat make them intrinsically safe. Pumps restart automatically when outlet pressure drops below predetermined level.


Gas Booster Model 3000

Typical applications include pressure testing of valves, pipe work systems and recharging accumulators. Standard booster pump can be supplied with or without air controls, an exhaust muffler is provided. Suitable for use with Nitrogen gas or other inert gases, usually supplied from a standard commercial gas bottle.

Booster may be mounted horizontally or vertically with air motor uppermost.

Operating Air Drive Pressure: 10-100psi (0.69 to 6.9 bar)
Maximum Air Consumption: 56 scfm (95 Nm3/hr)
Weight: 36 lbs (16.4 kgs)
Option for ATEX approval


Gas Booster Power Pack

SHS robust skid mounted pack houses all necessary instruments and controls for ease of operation. Includes air filter, regulator, on/off valve and 2 1/2" dia (63mm) air pressure gauge. Gas inlet filter, 2 1/2" dia (63mm) inlet gas pressure gauge, 4" dia (100mm) outlet full safety pattern pressure gauge, and pressure vent valve, a hose tray is provided.

Optional Extras: pressure isolation valve; 1/4NPTF auxiliary recorder port; stainless steel framework and hose tray.


  • Single-Acting 99 lbs (45kg)
  • Double-Acting 121 lbs (55kg) (2 stage or double acting)

Option for ATEX approval


SC Gas Boosters

  • SC air driven gas boosters are self-contained units, using a cycling spool and pilot valve to provide automatic reciprocating action when air or gas is supplied to the air drive inlet.
  • No electrical connections are required.
  • SC gas boosters are typically used to boost low pressure gas / air to a higher pressure required at the process or test station.
  • Depending on the unit selected, you can boost gas pressure from 25 psi (1.7 Bar) and up to 25,000 psi (1700 Bar).
  • SC gas boosters are suitable for other applications such as bottle filling from nitrogen generators and dewars, hydrogas suspension systems, automotive air gas storage systems, aircraft slide chute gas storage; sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) transfer for arc suppression and insulation of circuit breakers commonly found in the utility industry, breathing air for scuba diving, gas injection molding, etc.
  • All SC Gas Boosters are ATEX-approved

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