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SC Hydraulic Engineering is a leading manufacturer and designer of an ever growing line of high pressure, air-driven liquid pumps, as well as air and gas boosters which are being used in a variety of industries and applications.

Their business has been expanding since 1953 and offers liquid pressures as high as 65,000 psi and gas pressures up to 17,000 psi. They are continually developing new products to meet a never-ending stream of newly emerging applications. SC Hydraulic Engineering will continue to meet tougher, more demanding requirements for years to come.

Many of SC Pump’s products are ATEX-certified


Liquid Pumps

  • L3 & L3C Series Liquid Pumps, capable of pressure >18,000 psig (1240 Bar). Commonly for jacks, punches, clamping, holding, bolt tensioning, presses, torque wrenches, valve actuation and pressure testing.
  • 0-4 Series Liquid Pumps are the smallest of the SC "Standard" type pumps with a 4" diameter air cylinder and 1 1/4" stroke, capable of pressures < 22,000 psig (1520 Bar). Commonly used where fluid flow is not critical. Typical applications include proof and burst testing, clamping, pressing, jacks and any end use requiring very high pressure at low flows.
  • 10-5 Series Liquid Pumps & D-5 Series Non Lubricated Liquid Pumps are the original and most common SC "standard" series pump capable of pressures < 55,000 psig (3800 Bar). Commonly used for bolt tensioning, filter presses, clamping, proof and burst testing, metal forming.
  • 10-6 Series Liquid Pumps & D-6 Series Non Lubricated Liquid Pumps are the largest of the SC "standard" series pumps: 7" diameter air cylinder and 2 1/2" stroke, capable of pressures < 65,000 psig (4480 Bar). Commonly used where very high pressures are required at low flows. Applications include proof and burst testing to extreme high pressures, torque wrench actuation, bolt tensioning, aircraft jacks, filter presses, clamping, holding, metal forming.
  • L6 Series Double Acting Liquid Pumps are the newest pump manufactured by SC: 6" diameter air cylinder with stainless steel , chrome plated wetted parts. This double acting pump is capable of pressures < 11,000 psig (760 Bar). Commonly used where high pressure and high flow is required. Applications include press applications, hydrostatic testing and choke control applications.
  • L10 Series Double Acting Liquid Pumps are the largest liquid pump currently manufactured by SC with a 10" diameter air cylinder, this double acting pump is capable of pressures < 20,000 psig (1380 Bar).Created primarily for the offshore rental tool market, the L10 series pumps are commonly used for subsea valve actuation, wireline control systems, blow out preventor controls and flushing rigs.

AB & ABD Series Air Boosters

SC offers a complete selection of air boosters for almost any application. From economical compact single-acting two and four-to-one models to double-acting two and five-to-one models they can size a unit or system to fit your exact requirement. Pressures can be boosted up to 680 psi (47 Bar) on the single-acting AB-7 and as much as 850 psi (59 Bar) on our double-acting ABD-5.

Typically, air boosters are used to build up pressures for static holding applications. Under normal, intermittent duty, the air cycling valve should be inspected and re-lubricated after 500,000 cycles.

In addition SC offers four standard air booster systems, which include an air booster, air controls, pressure gauges, high pressure receiver tank, safety relief and high pressure regulator. Custom booster systems are also available with multiple boosters, special tanks, custom skids, and more.


Air Booster Systems

  • AB-2 & AB-4 Air Booster Systems achieve pressures up to 555-psi, 38 Bar (AB-4). Used for low flow, low pressure applications. They are compact and lightweight (approx. 35-lbs; 16 kg) and include a high-pressure receiver to increase flow capacity, filter/regulator combination with shut-off and air pressure gauge, 200 cubic inch (3.28 litre) reservoir tank with high pressure gauge.
  • ABD-2 Air Booster Systems achieve pressures up to 250-psi (17 Bar). Used High flow, low pressure applications. Weighs approx 145-lbs (66 kg) and include a 15-US gallon (56.8 litre) ASME receiver to increase flow capacity. Built for high volume applications, this system is a low cost solution when high pressure and relative high volumes of air is required in a pneumatic application.
  • ABD-5 Air Booster Systems achieve pressures up to 600-psi (41 Bar). High flow, high pressure applications, weighing approx 85-lbs (39 kg). 5-gallon (18.9 litre) ASME receiver to increase flow capacity. The unit can be mounted either horizontally, as shown, or vertical on a wall or equipment structure. The includes an inlet filter/regulator with shut-off and gauge, safety relief valve, muffler, high pressure regulator, and high pressure reservoir and outlet pressure gauges.

Air Driven Gas Boosters

  • SC air driven gas boosters are self-contained units, using a cycling spool and pilot valve to provide automatic reciprocating action when air or gas is supplied to the air drive inlet.
  • No electrical connections are required.
  • SC gas boosters are typically used to boost low pressure gas / air to a higher pressure required at the process or test station.
  • Depending on the unit selected, you can boost gas pressure from 25 psi (1.7 Bar) and up to 25,000 psi (1700 Bar).
  • SC gas boosters are suitable for other applications such as bottle filling from nitrogen generators and dewars, hydrogas suspension systems, automotive air gas storage systems, aircraft slide chute gas storage; sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) transfer for arc suppression and insulation of circuit breakers commonly found in the utility industry, breathing air for scuba diving, gas injection moulding, etc.

Gas Booster Systems

  • SC builds every booster system to your unique requirements ? but builds them in less than the time that it takes competitors to provide a standard unit.
  • SC standard booster systems are built in three categories depending on the maximum outlet pressure a unit can deliver, 6K, 20K, or 25K PSI.
  • Standard items on the booster are inlet air and gas supply filter, panel mounted air shut-off, regulator, air drive, gas supply and outlet gauges, and relief valve.
  • Standard options are outlet filter, automatic start and/or stop pilot switches, hydrogen, or oxygen service.

High Pressure Valves

  • Air Sequence Valves were designed to be plumbed between the air supply FRL assembly and the air drive inlet port on SC 10-4, 10-5 and 10-6 series pumps. The valve is normally closed with a field adjustable opening pressure between 25 psig (1.7 Bar) and 100 psig (6.9 Bar).
  • Relief Valves are adjustable hydraulic relief valves, available in five pressure ranges between 100 psig (6.9 Bar) and 60,000 psig (4140 Bar).
  • Inline Check Valves are available in four port sizes from 1/4" NPT to 1" NPT and are rated up to 15,000 psig (1030 Bar) working pressure.
  • Air Pilot Switches are available in 17 pressure ranges and capable of sensing pressures as high as 14,800-psi (1020 Bar).
  • Pressure Release Valves and unloading valves are available in four operating pressures from 6,000 psig (415 Bar) up to 30,000 psig (2070 Bar). The unloading valve is controlled by a pilot port that requires between 35 and 50 psig (2.4 to 3.4 Bar) to fully open.

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