Air Booster Systems

AB-2 & AB-4 Air Booster Systems

  • Includes air drive controls
  • Pressures up to 555-psi, 38 Bar (AB-4)
  • Low flow, low pressure applications
  • Equipped with one AB-2 or AB-4 booster
  • Compact and lightweight (approx. 35-lbs; 16 kg)
  • High-pressure receiver to increase flow capacity

The S10320-AB-2 and S10320-AB-4 Systems provide the most compact sized unit for air booster requirements. Both units consist or either the 2:1 ratio or 4:1 ratio booster, filter/regulator combination with shut-off and air pressure gauge, 200 cubic inch (3.28 litre) reservoir tank with high pressure gauge.

The components are mounted on a sturdy free standing base and plate. The complete system measures 18 1/4" high by 12 1/2" wide by 6".

This system is perfect for low flow cycling applications when a reserve of high pressure air (up to 600 psi, 41 Bar) is required. The reservoir allows the booster to build up pressure between cycles for higher flow ability than the booster can deliver alone.

ABD-2 Air Booster System

  • Pressures up to 250-psi (17 Bar)
  • Includes air drive controls
  • Weighs approximately 145-lbs (66 kg)
  • Equipped with one ABD-2 booster
  • High flow, low pressure applications
  • 15-US gallon (56.8 litre) ASME receiver to increase flow capacity

The S10320-ABD-2 Air Booster System is built for high volume applications requiring up to 250 psi (17 Bar) air reserve in a 15 gallon (56.8 litre) ASME receiver with double-acting 2:1 ratio air booster.

The booster and receiver is mounted on a heavy duty skid with forklift provisions. Installation is simple with a 3/4" NPT inlet to an inline filter and a 1/2" NPT outlet high pressure regulator. The receiver is protected with a safety relief valve and has both receiver and regulator pressure gauges.

This system is a low cost solution when high pressure and relative high volumes of air is required in a pneumatic application. Contact us for application or sizing assistance.

ABD-5 Air Booster System

  • Equipped with one ABD-5 booster
  • High flow, high pressure applications
  • Pressures up to 600-psi (41 Bar)
  • Includes air drive controls
  • Weighs approximately 85-lbs (39 kg)
  • 5-gallon (18.9 litre) ASME receiver to increase flow capacity

The S10320-ABD-5 System combines the rugged 5:1 ratio, single-stage, double acting booster with a 600 PSI (41 Bar) ASME reservoir for high pressure applications needing a five gallon reserve. The unit can be mounted either horizontally, as shown, or vertical on a wall or equipment structure.

The system is ready for hook-up to an air supply and includes an inlet filter/regulator with shut-off and gauge, safety relief valve, muffler, high pressure regulator, and high pressure reservoir and outlet pressure gauges.

The S10320-ABD-5 system can save money when requirements need up to a 600 psi (41 Bar) supply of air with reserve capacity. Contact us with your requirements.

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